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The opposite of laser like focus

How does one deal with way too many ideas but not enough time to work on them?

I’ve got about three or four projects in my head and spread across multiple folders on my computer that I am developing simultaneously.  All excite me, and get my creative juices flowing but yet I can’t seem to focus on any one project long enough to see it to its end.  I found myself bouncing from one to the other like a baby in a room full of new toys.


Surge splash page

Surge splash page

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Earlier this summer I was going to do a four page story for the guys at HB Comics. They had asked a few artists to do these stories, and in each short story a different character in their stable was going to be introduced. This was going to be a webseries leading up to the release of a new team book that had all of the characters in it.

I got this guy, his name is Surge. For a variety of reasons the project fell through on my end. However I did like the way this first page came out. Its still a work in progress but it shows you what I was going for.

I hope to get back to it and ink it someday just to see how it will look with the blacks spotted and all that fun stuff.