Portfolio preparation part II

So it doesn’t look like I’ll have anything to show at the con. I’m annoyed but what can you do? I don’t have a time machine so I cant go back and work harder or whatever. What I can do is keep on chugging along on these pages. I’m having fun with them and hope to have them done by the end of the month. I need to, as I’ve got a bunch of other things I want to jump on. That’s part of the problem I guess, I want to be able to do everything at once and that’s just impossible.

Anyways, I’ll still be attending the con, so if you see me, as always, please stop me and say hi.

Okay, let me keep chugging along on this.


Portfolio Preparation

It’s almost four in the morning and I’m pretty beat. However with NYCC in two days, I can’t go to bed as I’m working on samples to show the various publishers that are going to be there. Things are crazy for me as you can imagine. I hope to upload my pages sometime next week for you to look at.

If you’re going to be at the con and see me, please feel free to come over and say hello.

No I didn’t die.

Wow! I’ve kinda let this blog fall by the wayside, huh? I apologize for that. I started class in July and the weeks have gone flying by. Here I am now a few days before the final session as the summer draws to a close.
The good news is that I’ve gotten my moneys worth with this class so I hope to upload some of my work within the next couple of days.
Thanks for your patience and I hope you come back soon.

Photoshop/ Illustrator

I’ve been taking nightschool classes off and on for years and I just wrapped up another semester. That was one of the reasons why my nondigital art production really dropped off. In the class we mostly did exercises of the unexciting variety but we got to do whatever we wanted for our final project.

I chose to do a bookcover for an old sci-fi short story called “The Machine Stops” by E.M. Forster. I actually haven’t finished reading the story yet and am about half way through. I think I’ve got the gist of it though.

So here’s my final project. I am refraining from going into how I made it and what I was trying to convey as to not influence your perception of it. Basically I want to see if I was successful in my execution. As always comments, questions and criticisms are welcome.

Post Convention High

So I’m back from C2E2 (the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo) and while I didn’t return with any job offers I did learn some stuff (never too old, eh?).
Basically the way most companies handle portfolio reviews has changed. Gone are the days where a long line of kids with portfolio in hand would get seen one by one by editors who ranged from helpful to “over it”. Now what they do is have you sign a waiver which you staple to photocopies of your work and then submit to them. If they like your stuff your name will be on a list that they’ll post. If it’s not, “thank you come again”. While this is great for them and actually allows them to review your work with more time and by committee (which will helpfully allow for a better fairer selection process) it’s tough for those of us who are submitting portfolios. Basically it means that we aren’t there when our work is getting critiqued so we’re not getting any feedback. For all intents and purposes you’re throwing your work into this vacuum with your fingers crossed.

Unfortunately my name wasn’t on the list for either of the big two, and to date I haven’t been contacted by any of the other companies I dropped my work off with (Boom, Dark Horse, etc.). I was, however able to speak to Mark Chiarello, the Art Director for DC. We had a frank, positive and greatly appreciated conversation about my work. I hope to follow-up with him and show him that I have taken his advice to heart. He pointed out some things to me that I had been wrestling with in my work that I’m hoping will help me resolve those issues. We’ll see how it goes. At the end of the day though, all the advice in the world is no substitute for getting back to your art table and just drawing.

One last note about the con, I hope to upload some pictures over the next couple of days, so keep a look out for them.


Strange marketing

Modeling session

My Alma Mater offers free life model sessions to their alumni. Unfortunately I don’t get to take advantage of it as much as I’d like to. Yesterday I was able to go and had a blast. What dies it say about me that this is my idea of fun?

Anyways here are two of the drawings I did last night, enjoy. Sorry about the quality but I haven’t had a chance to scan them so I’ve just taken quickie photos with my phone.

As always comments or criticisms are appreciated.

Quickie update

I just wanted to write a quick update letting you all know that I haven’t forgotten about this blog. I am currently getting stuff ready for C2E2 in April.

Surge splash page

Surge splash page

Originally uploaded by cycloheart

Earlier this summer I was going to do a four page story for the guys at HB Comics. They had asked a few artists to do these stories, and in each short story a different character in their stable was going to be introduced. This was going to be a webseries leading up to the release of a new team book that had all of the characters in it.

I got this guy, his name is Surge. For a variety of reasons the project fell through on my end. However I did like the way this first page came out. Its still a work in progress but it shows you what I was going for.

I hope to get back to it and ink it someday just to see how it will look with the blacks spotted and all that fun stuff.

Comic Talent Search

I’ve recently been made moderator of a Yahoo group called the Comic Talent Search. Its a great tool for finding creative types to help you with a project, or a way of finding a project to work on.

Click to join Comic_Talent_Search

Hope to see you there.

Away on Vacation

I apologize for the lack of updates but I am currently away on vacation. Prior to this trip I was in get-everything-done-before-you-go mode.

Oh and for the curious, I haven’t had any Obama sightings yet. Although the locals were quick to crank out the presidental merchandise.

This trip is almost done and when I get back home I hope to start uploading some more of my work.